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Onder 't Texels Stroodak - Apartment Hof

"Coming Home on Texel"

Apartment Hof (formerly known as Bakkenzicht) is located in an authentic thatched Texel Farmhouse called "Onder 't Texels Stroodak" (1865 AD) in the old lands of Texel. Apartment Hof has a sunny living room where original details have been preserved. Enjoy the luxury and mod cons in this atmospheric and historic apartment. "Hof" is old Dutch for farm, castle of house. In short: "Coming homing on the Isle of Texel".

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There is a spacious livingroom, 2 separate bedrooms, an open modern kitchen and a luxurious bathroom with bathtub.


The apartment is suited for 4 persons and entirely on the ground floor.


This apartment has a fully-equipped kitchen. There is a dishwasher, a combination microwave, cooker and Senseo coffeemachine.


Both bedrooms are furnished with good boxspring beds. A child's bed can be added, if needed.

TV reception

Apartment Hof is equipped with tv reception with Glasfiber connection - BBC one, two, BBC World and all popular Dutch and German tv channels can be watched.


For email and webbrowsing, you can use our WIFI network (perfect connection). Ask about our login details upon arrival.


Pets are welcome, Heem and Hof have enclosed gardens.


Go to Reservations >> "Onder 't Texels Stroodak" - "Thuiskomen op Texel".

't Texels Stroodak
Farmhouse Apartment Hof

Appartement Hof

Hof: ground floor only

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