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Farmhouse apartments "Texels Stroodak"

Farmhouse "Texels Stroodak" is a charming and traditional Dutch farmhouse which houses two apartments. It is a nice place to slow down while enjoying luxury and comfort. "Texels Stroodak" is situated in a place where polder and forest meet. And in the distance you'll find the historic church of Den Hoorn.

Experience a holiday where peace prevails in the old lands of Texel. "Texels Stroodak" is a nice base for exploring the diversity of the island. Natural areas "de Bollenkamer" with his Scottish Highlanders and "de Hors" with dunes and vast sandy beach. The village and its surroundings form the setting for nice restaurants. Don't hesitate to ask for the typical Texel dishes there!

Farmhouse apartments Heem & Hof

The apartments Heem and Hof breathe the island atmosphere of freedom, the beach and the sea. Sturdy wood in a trendy stylish decor give these traditional Dutch farmhouse apartments Heem & Hof a relaxed feel. Is the sun shining? The garden or the terrace is a lovely place to enjoy the lovely weather!


Included in the inventory are many household items such as:

The apartments have:

Fully equipped

The apartments are fully-equipped and provided with:

No smoking

No smoking is allowed in the accommodations of Texels Stroodak.


Pets are welcome, Heem and Hof have enclosed gardens.

Anjahoeve apartments

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